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#pugstake started in 2015 after a group of pug friends got together in Boston to hang out, party, and spread the word about pug rescue. Since then, more pugs have joined in and we’ve taken over more cities, all while raising well over $10,000 to help pugs in need! We’ve been everywhere from New York City, to Washington D.C. to Chicago and Las Vegas — and the party is just getting started!

The #pugstake founders and organizers are:


Otis and Milo are two pug brothers who love to hang by the pool and steal their cat sisters lunch. They spend most of their time in the Hamptons, but are also known to frequent hotel suites in the big city.

Hamilton and Rufus live in New York City. Hamilton, a rescue pug from Ohio, is a national spokesdog for the Shelter Pet Project. Rufus,
who made it out of a shelter in Texas, is well known for his big eyes and lovable antics. They are the hosts of the weekly #PugChat on
Twitter. Aside from their pug business affairs, they spend their days snacking, snuggling, and going on adventures in the big city.

Violet and Timmy are the (self-proclaimed) Queen and Ambassador of Chicago. Violet adopted Timmy when he was ten years old and loves to share how much more fun and cuddly life is when you #AdoptASeniorDog. They are best known for sharing their travels, workouts, love of Chicago, and admiration of each other. (Violet passed away in fall 2017 and Timmy is proudly carrying on her legacy of supporting animal rescues/foundations and making more opportunities for pugs to party!).

Boogie and Marcelo live in New York City. Boogie was abandoned in the South, and Marcelo was rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri. Both rescue brothers love traveling, and run a blog where they share tips and pupdates on their trips. Their hobbies include eating, sleeping, going on adventures, snacking, and napping.


Finn is an East Coast pug, who has lived in both D.C. and New York City. He’s best friends with Hamilton. He’s an apricot pug, and known for his strawberry blonde tint and love of toys.


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