I don’t have a pug, can I still attend?
Yes! A pug is not required to attend any of the events. You just have
to love pugs.

Are non-pugs allowed?
Yes, but please be sure that your non-pug is happy and safe being around pugs.

Is there a fee for attending any of the events?
It depends on the event. Some are free of charge, and some require a fee. We will list costs under event details.

Please note that space is limited for many of the events. Please send
us an email if tickets are sold out for an event that you want to
attend, and we will try to accommodate you if space opens.

Are there rules for attending a #PugsTake event?
Yes. Please read them here.

Are there any health requirements for bringing a dog?

Please make sure that all vaccinations are up to date and that your pet is free of fleas and ticks. If your dog is ill and possibly contagious, please leave them at home.

What is #PugsTake…?
A few years ago, a group of us pugs who originally met at #PugChat on
Twitter got together in New York City. All the pugs had so much fun
that we started planning #BostonPugParty in October 2015. We planned a
meet-and-greet in Boston Common and a hotel rooftop party so we could
mingle with some of the local New England pugs. We put out the word on
social media and had a great time meeting all the folks that came out
that soggy fall day.

It was such a success that we decided to do it
again in April 2016, this time in the nation’s capitol for

In September 2016, we took on the Big Apple with

Then in May 2017 we headed to the midwest for
#PugsTakeChicago and returned for #PugsTakeDC part II last October.

We have done 2 #pugstake per year ever since.

Check out the event hashtags on social media to see all the fun!

As we have taken on more cities and our parties have grown from a
small group to many dozens of pugs, we have kept to our original
goals: bring pug friends together, see some cool places, and raise
money for pug rescue. Us pugs organize these events for fun in our
free time and are not getting paid for our efforts. So please be
patient with us as we do our best to plan a great weekend!

Who are the organizers of #PugsTake?

That would be Otis & Milo, Hamilton & Rufus, Boogie & Marcelo, Violet (RIP), Timmy & Eli, and Finn (RIP)!

How often is #PugsTake held?
Usually, we pawty 2x a year, in the spring and fall.

Is there a #PugsTake on the West Coast?
Yes! There was #PugsTakeVegas in April 2018. They’re run by our West Coast pug friends.

They’re now called Grumble City and they run the Vegas Pug Party.

Is there a hotel discount for out-of-towners?
Yes. Please email PugTakeOvers@gmail.com for details.